Factory-Direct Quality with Our Exclusive
5-Point Quality Monitor

1. Production expertise

Production Expertise It takes experience and dedication to deliver the quality we guarantee. It starts with stone selection and continues through every stage of production. The result? Customers get exactly what  they ordered time after time—and on time.

2. Consistency

Consistancy You benefit from our long-term relationships with factories throughout Greece because you’ll get first-pick stones with ongoing availability. Onsite inspectors ensure consistent color from pallet to pallet.

3. Defect-free stones

Defect-free stones You don’t want unsalable, defective slabs taking up space in your warehouse. Our quality inspectors select only stones that meet our rigid specifications—and yours.

4. Precision cutting and polishing

Precision cutting and polishing Mis-cut tiles or the wrong finish can cost you sales and customers. Our state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable staff ensure precision cutting and expert polishing—every time, every stone.

5. Professional packaging

Professional packaging

Before we ship any order, our expert packers make sure your stones will arrive intact. And we’ll do whatever it takes to meet your delivery schedule.


It’s all part of the Apollo Stone difference!

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